I’m a spoken word artist who has been stomping about the spoken word scene since May 2008. Initially inspired by the ethos of punk, my poems, monologues and stories have intense energy and passion, shot through with anger, sadness and humour.

I’ve performed hundreds of gigs all over the UK, including festivals such as Secret Garden Party (pilled up Guardian readers), Glastonwick (beer and cider soaked Levellers fans) and Boomtown Fair (ketamine-addled crusties), and been privileged enough to feature for some of the leading lights of UK spoken word, including Liar’s League, Apples & Snakes, Hammer & Tongue and OneTaste.

I’ve also performed internationally in Germany, Thailand, Malaysia and all over Australia.

I’m one half of sporadic, weirdo electronic-spoken word outfit Captain of the Rant vs. Hair Explosion, who have released two EPs. Click here, to get your grubby mitts on them.

Myself and excellent illustrator Ada Jusic are currently working on an animated spoken word story. More info soon when the idea crawls further from the basements of our brains.

I returned to the UK in 2014 after living and performing in Australia for two years, I’m moving away from poems and focusing more on monologues and storytelling. When you start doing things on autopilot, maybe it’s best just to cut the the engine and see who survives.

If you want to book me or ask me anything click the ‘contact’ tab at the top.



Captain of the Rant